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Healing the Gut - help


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We recently had an OAT and IgG tests run for my 6 year old son who has Tourette’s (and OCD / Anxiety).

  • OAT results showed elevated Arabinose, Lactic and Hydroxyhippuric. It also showed extremely low Ascorbic (vit C).

  • The IgG test showed high sensitivity to Wheat. Wheat Gluten, Gliadin and Whey. With moderate sensitivity to Cassein, Cheese and cow’s milk.

I would be really interested to hear if anyone who has done similar tests / had similar results and what you have done since them. I’ve not been able to find anyone in the UK who has much background in Tourette’s and the gut/brain connection, so feel we are doing this a bit blind.

Our son is taking a magnesium and omega 3 supplement and are now starting a gluten free diet. A herbalist has given us an additional supplement for the yeast infection (using camomile and a few other herbs). I was interested in some of the posts on histamine – and looking at trying to decrease DAO, but don’t really know whether this is also something to try.

Any advice, thoughts, input would be great.

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Hi misy_15,  Kudos for doing some lab tests that could prove very helpful. Please let us know if you see improvement on the gluten-free diet. 

This link has a discussion (from Great Plains Laboratory --which I  believe you said in another post that you used)  on a a child with autism who had elevated Arabinose   You might want to see if you can glean any tips from the discussion. Note that antifungal medication was needed for several months to normalize levels. Just passing this on. 

In looking into DAO and histamine, I wondered if you really wanted to decrease the DAO?  This article might be of interest to you on histamine sensitivity and DAO.

I know it is hard to find answers, not just in the UK but in most areas. You might want to look for a functional medicine practitioner in your area. Try this site https://www.ifm.org/  

Hope this helps and that you find everything you need to help your boy. You seem to have already uncovered some important clues to follow up on. 











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