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New Product Which Helped My PANDAs Like Kid

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When my son was 14 I found him crying on the staircase saying, "Mom - I have these recurring thoughts that God is not in control."  It was so discouraging because we had spent years working with 2 functional medical docs for ADHD/Aspergers type symptoms and my son was considered "recovered."  My kid responded well to antibiotics, but I did not consider this a good long term solution and it kind of felt like dancing with the devil.  So, believing my that doc was running out of tricks in his bag, I went to the land of homeopathy.  We spent over a year in that territory and continued to make progress, however we weren't over the endzone and I was concerned because my son was scheduled to go off to college.  Then a microbiologist at our local university introduced me to Amare Global - a new mental wellness company which focuses on gut health and optimizing the gut-brain connection.  Within 3 months my son's symptoms were resolved.  I couldn't believe it.  He said, "Mom - you did spectacular."  I'm not sure every kid on Amare will get the same results we did, but I am very thankful these products came into our life.  If you want more info you can email me privately at debbiez@hawaii.rr.com

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