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Streptococcus pneumoniae bacteria

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Is that the same as strep? But maybe in nose?   My son got strep in november but we treated with antibotics and then in dec had a 6 week cough.  When we took him to pedi for the cough they said his ear was red and gave us antibotics.  I think they labelled it middle ear infection. The antibotics did nothing and the cough persisted until it stopped on its own and with the help of allergy medicine.

march tics started with some anger issues.  He seems to get mad quicker.  Tics come and go but throat clearing always present. I can control tics somewhat with allergy medicine but the throat clear always there regardless of medicine. 

Then a few weeks ago my son got a throat infection/croup and was given steriods. Throat clearing stopped with 3 day steriod but came back. 

Now last week we went to allergist and he commented on my sons throat clearing and checked his ear and said he has fluid in his ear. Told me he didnt want to give me antibotics but suggested salt water gargle and going to ENT. I looked up fluid in ear and came up with serous otitis media.   I read 40 percent of time fluid in  ear is this streptococcus pneumoniaebacteria.

I tested my son ASO a few weeks ago but it was less than 20. 

Any input is appreciated. 

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