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Yes, Tourettic OCD was always one of the most problematic aspects for my son.

The way it was explained by our physician was tics morphing into OCD and vice versa.

My son did benefit from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for this, along with his overall supplemental/nutritional/environmental protocol.

Specific acupuncture and resonance biofeedback really helped as well

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I used to know a lot about this (since it's one of the many things on here that appears to describe my symptoms.  I think some form of PANS is behind it all with me though).  This is the original article that I think coined the term:       Tic or Compulsion? It’s “Tourettic OCD”  By CS Mansueto and DJ Keuler.

It's a journal paper but is very readable.  It's from 2006, though, so it mught be worth doing a Web serarch to see what's comeup since then.

Oh, and here's the thread I started when I was trying to find out about it, in case there's any information there that you haven't seen.  https://latitudes.org/forums/topic/7179-i-think-i-have-tourettic-ocd/ 

Good luck.

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