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Yeast questions – possible coincidence?

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When I asked my DD (14) PANS doc about yeast – she feels there isn’t really a great test for yeast and gave her two days of Diflucan, figuring that it wasn’t a bad idea since my DD had finished a couple rounds of Augmentin recently.

My daughter just finished her two days of Diflucan – and since then she has been energetic, happy, talkative, less tired, laughing with her brother, less anxious. Her therapist was wondering what had changed since last week. Coincidence, or Diflucan?

Have others had a different experience testing for yeast?

What other ways are there to treat for yeast that may be helpful?

She is currently on a multitude of supplements, including curcumin (Enhansa) and a probiotic – which I think would be the two most beneficial to control yeast out of the ones she is taking, but is there more we could be doing – the change has been just amazing, I’d love to keep it going :)

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

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My DS 14 also responded well when treated for yeast.  I don’t think it was a coincidence...I believe kids with autoimmune issues tend to have yeast problems.  I don’t think the pharmaceuticals are safe long term for yeast.  As a matter of fact, my DS had a scary dehydration side effect from Diflucan.  He now uses Candicid Forte and Saccharomyces Boulardii, in addition to his regular probiotic. 

I believe the Organic Acid Test, tests for yeast.  

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I would tend to believe not co-incidence.

Nystatin is another anti-yeast drug.  I find it easier, safer and much easier to just try it (it doesn't absorb into the bloodstream appreciably, that is why it is safe) than to draw blood (which in our case, was a significant hardship) to have a test done.

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