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Dental Fillings and Anesthetic for PANDAS kids

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Hello All, 

I am hoping someone will be able  to shed some light on what kind of anesthesia is best suited for PANDAS kids needing dental fillings.  My daughter was diagnosed with PANDAS when she was 5 and she is now 7.  She has 6 cavities she needs to have filled.  I have already discussed with the dentist that I do not want her to have nitrous oxide or novocaine with epinephrine.  I have also asked  if she can have the procedures done without anesthetic but they didn't think that was a good idea as,  the "sugar bugs" as they called them are too big.  I have since learned that laser fillings could be an option, but I am unaware of any side effects that these might have.  It was also suggested that she have propofol.  If anyone has some insights as to how I could possible proceed, I would truly appreciate it!!

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Maybe, but I'm not totally sure that's the applicable question? I think everyone (with pandas) is different with regard to using sedatives/anesthetic.

It's really tough when you have anxiety, over the top, to sit there with someone probing your mouth and inflicting pain or your in fear of pain because you've had a sample. I have a hard time doing it myself with a mild level of anxiety. With DD, we found that the Dentist makes a huge difference. It didn't matter that she had gas or a sedative, if she wasn't OK with the dentist, it wasn't happening.  I'm sure if we had the money, totally out would have been the way to go for us. DD had a crown done that involved a root canal, it took us over two years with the flares and finding dentist(s) to get through it. We had found a good dentist that could handle everything fine but circumstances changed and we ended up going around and around the community until we finally ended up at Western Washington University where they handled everything perfectly. 

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