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11 Year Old Daughter Has Had Vocal Tics.

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Hi. I am brand new here. My 11 year old started vocal tics a few days ago. She would say “hmmm” again and again. She said she couldn’t help it. She had a compulsion to do it. I have been feeling upset and worried about it and also feeling all alone in my concerns. I tried to join a Facebook page for parents of children who tic and 3 days later they still haven’t accepted me for some reason. Meanwhile, my 21 year old son and 19 year old daughter think I am making a big deal about nothing. They also say that what I am doing is only successful due to a placebo effect. I gave my daughter an Epsom salt bath last night and she said it didn’t help. She watched TV and mindlessly said “hmm” every few seconds. Then today I eliminated all dairy from her diet and she stopped ticking. My son who is 21 berated me about it earlier. My 11 year old is better so far and seems to appreciate my help and I guess that’s all that really matters.The tics tend to be worse at night when her mind is unoccupied and she’s watching T.V. She also said they were frequent when she drifted off to sleep last night. I am hoping that they don’t resurface tonight, or ever again.

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Hi wonderfulmom

I am on my way out so can't post much, but did want to welcome you to the forum, tho sorry to hear of the reason that brings you here.

If I can encourage you....persevere! If you find things that are helping, follow the clues. Same for things making tics worse.

Keeping a journal, and noting these potential tic triggers was very beneficial for us.

Do take a look at the pinned posts at the top of the forum as lots of helpful info there to.


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Hi --(and you do sound like a "wonderful mom." )

We are glad you joined the forum.  Some  people could think you are jumping on this very quickly when it might just go away, but since your daughter and you are both well aware of the vocal tic starting up as it did, you see a pattern and it can be very frequent, then I would encourage you to go ahead with your efforts. At the same time, it would be a good idea to be low key and casual about it. 

What you have seen so far with improvement could be a coincidence. But Chemar's suggestion of keeping a log is a very good one and will help sort things out. .

Sometimes there are more tics at night because of fatigue. But you also see  a TV connection. Is the TV she watches in the bedroom?

How is your daughter when she wakes up first thing in the morning -- is she calm with no vocalizations? If so, when do they start up?

Does she have allergies? Looking forward to learning more. Sheila




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