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So we took our nine-year-old to a pediatric neurologist today.  She did a thorough neurological exam, asked us background questions, watched a video of our son ticc-ing.  After she heard that he's been snorting (like clearing his nose/throat) for over a year and that he is blinking his eyes and moving his mouth, she announced that no further work-up is necessary, she thinks it is Tourettes.

I am at a loss for words.  I have so many questions right now:

1) Is this diagnosis even possible?  I thought he had to have year of vocal and motor tics.  (He has snorted for a year and does have allergies, but the motor tics emerged less than a month ago.)

2) Maybe, in her own way, this was meant to be a good thing?  (I.e.--there is no other medical emergency, therefore these symptoms must mean Tourette's.)

3) . What do I DO with this?  The advice is still the same.  It's not bothering him or interrupting his life in any way.  He has no OCD, ADHD, etc that we can see.  So we just watch and wait (oh yeah, and know that this thing has a name--Tourette's.

I'm not exactly sure why I am posting this.  I guess because i need help processing what happened this morning and could use your support.




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Hi Sarah, I'm glad finally had your appointment with the pediatric neurologist.

You have had the classic (frustrating) experience that parents encounter when they take a child with tics to the neurologist. You want help, but what you get is a label. No further workup was suggested because the docs don't know what to do about tics. Which is not a very stellar approach for a physician who is supposed to heal people. 

For processing it, my suggestion would be to ignore the label of Tourette's.  It is not helpful and is somewhat arbitrary. 

Please know that allergies can cause both vocal and motor tics. Plus, allergic kids are often hypersensitive to toxic chemicals and some foods. Further, allergies are often made worse by nutritional imbalances. These are all areas to explore.

I would suggest you look at the pinned articles posted at the top of this tic forum, and check out our books: Natural Treatments for Tics and Tourettes and also Stop Your Tics by Learning What Triggers Them if you have not done so.

A diagnosis of Tourette syndrome can frighten and paralyze parents. Put it aside, and do your own follow up by learning what is actually wrong with your young son and finding ways to make him healthier.  The good news is that there are many avenues to take, and you can--and I predict you will--find answers. 

Please keep in touch and let us know how you make out. 

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