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I just would like to let this community know.

We recently did a bonding with my DD.  This involves, with the help of a practitioner, staring into the child's eyes for 5 minutes and hugging and kissing the child.  You can read more info here https://brainfitnessstrategies.com/the-bonding-reflex/.   The change we saw was amazing and real!

I am so happy to have found this technique; we have been struggling with anxiety for years.  (Pandas, Lyme, Bart etc)

Wondering if anybody also did this, and what the results were......

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Thank you so much for posting this. We've struggled with anxiety forever, and while we have made some progress with therapy/CBT/anxiety meds, EMDR, etc., something about this just feels right. We have an appointment in early Aug. with a practitioner near us. Thank you again, and I'm so happy you saw positive results for your daughter.

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