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Hi. My son is in a flare and I feel lost. We did IVIG a year ago and things were going back to baseline until about a month ago. At our year checkup with Dr. L she didn’t seem too concerned about his mild tics and prescribed a 3 day steroid burst. We finished those about a week ago but I’m not sure it worked because his behavior this weekend was horrible. A first .. where he raged. He’s been hyper since and today I noticed his pupils are dilated. Should I test him for strep even though he’s on antibiotic? We started Motrin today. Should I call Dr. L tomorrow? Thank you..

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I wouldn't hesitate to call Dr. L. (but I don't know how she works with the phone).  I also got a home strep test kit (a bit of work to do the test properly, but the convenience and cost reduction is significant), so you might consider that, so you can test at home any time without worrying about the effort of taking him somewhere.

Is the Motrin helping?

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I did call Dr. L but her office is on vacation until Monday. The new guy that manages the phones can only manage the phone. ANd he told me to call back on Monday.

What is the brand of home strep you use? I don't trust the one I have anymore. It is a green box and starts with A.

I did run him over to our pediatrician and we did the rapid and the other one that looks for more of the strep bacteria. Both negative. Which relieves me but then what is making him flare?

We did put him on Motrin and that is helping. He's calm and I don't see the wildness that I saw late last night. Why is he flaring? WHY?

We are in Northern Virginia. I have an appointment with Dr. F late August and just made an appointment with an immunologist/allergist called Dr. A in Fairfax. His immunoglobulins are pretty normal minus IGA, which was only slightly low.. but he came recommended as PANDAS friendly and willing to puzzle it through.  

Thank you for responding back. 

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