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TIC treatments using Tenex

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Has anyone used Tenex to treat Tourette?  My sons TICS are so bad that his neurologist wants to put him on Tenex.   I was told it’s the mildest with the least side effects.  If anyone had any experience in terms of effectiveness and side effects, please let me know.  I have taken him to a PANDAS:PANS neurologist and is waiting on test result.  My son’s Suffering from so many motor and vocal tics I’m actually considering the drug, if it’s helpful.

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My son has been taking Tenex for approximately 4.5 years. At the beginning it seemed to work well for him, but lately it hasn't been working the best and his tics are more pronounced.. He is 12 years old and hasn't had any side effects from there. He is currently taking only 2 mg at night.

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My son was also prescribed Guanfacine (Tenex).  The recommended dose for his size is 4mg per day, however, we never progressed beyond 1mg in the AM and 1mg in the PM for the non-extended release form.  That dosage along with magnesium citrate and B6 vitamins have done the trick.  Tenex can have some side effects which we hoped to avoid, and so far so good on the lower dosage.  The ADHD symptoms which arrived around the same time as the tics have greatly diminished and the tics are very manageable, at times gone altogether when not super amped up during sports or extremely stressed.   Based on our results, and of course everyone is different, I would have no problem recommending the non-extended release of Tenex / Guanfacine.  

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Hi Kathy/Jason/JMACJA


I have 10 yr old son as well whose tics are extremely flared up currently and we are debating if we need to try medication. He has had tics since he was 6yrs old and was doing antibiotics regimen (PANDAS/PANS) which we now stopped as it stopped working.  

Does stopping guanfacine make tics worse or more pronounced at later stage ? I do not want to start something that can help his condition now but make things worse for us later. Please advice as I am confused on this .

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