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My DS 13 (about 95 lbs at the time) was recently prescribed L-Glutamine.  The dose for him was 500mg daily for 7 days, then 1000 mg daily for 7 days, then 1000mg 2x daily for 7 days, then back to 1000mg daily.  He developed an eczema-like rash on his face, and doctor said to discontinue after 4 days, so I can’t tell you if it helped.  He also had an IVIG treatment around the same time, so it’s possible the rash was a reaction from that.  He’s seeing the doctor in July, and I will ask about revisiting the L-Gluamine.  My DS had 7 tics...most of which went away from high dose antibiotics.  The remaining went away after tonsillectomy, IVIG and yeast treatment.  It’s the OCD that we are still struggling with.  

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My son takes Saccharomyces Boulardii (we use Jarrow brand) along with his regular probiotic (we use Gutpro).  He also takes 2 capsules of Candicid Forte 2x a day. His doctor also prescribed Nystatin for about 3 weeks once.  He also tried Diflucan, but experienced a really scary dehydration side effect.  

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