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Prednisone interchangeable with Prednisolone?

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We had our follow up at Rothman Center on Thursday.  Unfortunately Dr. Murphy was sick, so we saw her RN in her absence.  Dr. Murphy had given her the go-ahead for my son to start a steroid taper.  We picked the prescription up yesterday for the first 7 days, and it's 15mg/5ml. He's 6 yo and 59lb, so the dosing is 26.4ml twice a day.  That is a lot of liquid - a couple centimeters at the bottom of the glass.  And it's really hard to swallow.  We had it grape flavored but it doesn't really help.  

We've gotten him to take two doses but it's been tough (and i don't blame him).  When our pediatrician prescribed the steroid burst (which gave us 3 days of symptom relief), it was 15mg/5ml. He was only taking 8.6ml so it was much easier to swallow in a quick burst.  I asked the pharmacist about it, and she said the 15mg/5ml would have been prednisolone, which is effectively the same thing as prednisone, and she could swap it for me without checking with the doctor.  Other alternative is a tablet, but she'd need our doctor's approval monday to do that.  I struggle to imagine 2 more days of doing the full 26.4ml....

Any thoughts on whether there's any difference between prednisolone versus prednisone in terms of treating pandas? I quick google search says one is used for people who have kidney issues, which my son does not, but otherwise there's no difference.  But wondering if pandas is a different beast.  Should we wait until monday to email the nurse practitioner?  

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