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Tic disorder with outbursts

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Just wondering if anyone had any experience dealing with children with tic disorders with daily unprovoked outbursts. My son developed tic disorder few months ago and his condition has gotten progressively worse.  He went from slight motor tics few time a day to multiple motor and vocal tics with increase in frequency and intensity, all within about 3 months of time span.   He also lost a lot of weight but eating well.  In the recent weeks, he would have episode of outbursts complaining about physical discomfort in the stomach, feeling hot and cold, screaming and crying in agony.  His feet and hands would be cold and sweaty.  This would go on for about 20-30 minutes.  The outburst came completely unprovoked.  It always preamble with complain about not feeling well but can’t identify where. I read about rage outburst but don’t think that’s the case because his outburst involved physical discomfort.  He has no symptoms of ADHD or OCD.  He saw a neurologist about a month ago who said it’s wait and see because his tics are so recent.  Anyone sharing similar scenario?  Any recommendation for next steps?

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Sorry you are going through a hard time. Were you able to get an appt with a pans/panda doctor?  When my son started with tics 3 months ago as well i started him on magnesium gummies, probotic and omega 3.  I also started incorporating epson salt baths.  

I also suspect something with the allergies because it started right in the start of allergy season. 

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Have you taken him to a doctor to see if there is any physical ailment that could be causing this? eg appendicitis or a possible digestive disorder? Even a food allergy eg to dairy or gluten intolerance or sensitivity reaction to something else could be causing it (environmental allergy?)

I would definitely have his doctor check him out as this may be unrelated to the tic disorder and something that may need medical attention

If you suspect PANS, here's the forum https://latitudes.org/forums/forum/17-pans-pandas-lyme-included/


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