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Hi Edsonr,

Thanks for asking!  My son had a really good July... the tics were minimal... always there but not too bad and not bothersome. Once August hit though, they exploded again out of nowhere! You tend to forget how terrible they can be when you get a break. I really can't pinpoint it to anything.  He has had a bit more computer screen time since our summer babysitter uses that as a babysitter...it's infuriating, but she's the only help I have.  It could also still be those pesky hormones.  He's 100% going through puberty now. Hair everywhere, smelly armpits, acne, and moodier than ever!! He was such a sweet loving kid and now the hormones have turned him into a grump!! I still see enough of the sweetness, but man! What a challenge. I'm hoping the tics die off a bit before school starts in a few weeks.  His newest one which is not new but a bit different, is a shaking jaw.  He opens and closes his jaw in a three part succession... reminds me of a talking skeleton.  😃  I have to laugh or I'll cry.  He has also begin again throwing his neck back and punching upward with his fist. I've noticed the full body shock-like tic again also. I'm super grateful they mellowed out for a month. It reminded me that they do wax and wane but it was such a long stretch last time-- like 6 months, that I forgot.

But he's been worse, so I'll try not to complain more. 😃 How are you guys?

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Hi mlee,

We've been to many but for PANDAS, we went to a naturopath in Seattle- Dr Gbedawo.  She's very informative and caring, but if you don't have a great insurance or picky insurance like me, it's very expensive.  I also went to a neurologist at Children's who gave my son a different diagnosis than Dr Gbedawo.  He diagnosed him with Tourettes.  Children's really works with you on payment-- super grateful.

I understand your disappointments... been there and done that. Although I got some good info from both, I still feel like I'm on my own and back at square one. I can't afford the naturopath but I was happy to see some mineral deficiencies which can be treated.

I would say if you have the funds, it's not a bad idea to see an alternative doctor and a neurologist to gather as much information as possible. But then again, too much info and too many diagnosis can be dangerous and upsetting.  I would suggest finding a pediatrician that is PANDAS friendly if that's what you suspect... that way insurance is more willing to do some tests.  Dr Gbedawo will do tons! But again, it's very pricey. I'm still making payments!!!

Have you found anyone yet?

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