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Hi! My two cents - the Rescue Remedy is amazing! It works for ME, my son (who it is mainly for) my husband, and all my animals! It just takes the edge off of anxiety for a calming effect. The night time one is also great!





I tried the rescue remedy on my daughter today. It caused her tics to multiply to the point it looked like she was twitching in a seizure.

I immediatly threw it away.

Could it be she is allergic to something in it?


I expected it to have a calming effect on her but it was the opposite.

Has anyone else had a bad time with the Rescue Remedy?

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hi mom2three

you are the first I have heard of with a report on a tic increase with Bach's but, as with anything, some people may not react well to what others find helpful.


it is very possibly a reaction to one (or all) of the flower ingredients in Bach's...maybe an allergy??


here are the ingredients and other info from Bach's



hope the tics have settled again now.

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Hello, I feel terrible that the Rescue Remedy didn't work - and worse had such ill effects! As I said we ALL take it (now even my husband) and find it so helpful. It most definitely sounds like an allergic reaction. It works so quickly that I hope it got out of her system as quickly. Good luck,


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