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My Boyfriend Has Tourettes how can I help him?

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Hi Everyone?


What a great place to get some help.


I'm a 26yo female and my boyfriend has taurettes. I love him very much and would like to help him find some peace with his tics.


I notice that it fustrates him sometimes when I am about to fall asleep and I am lying in his arms as his is still having tics while I'm falling asleep.


He is around 92kg. HIs 25yr.


Could anyone give me any advice on how we could reduce his tics? Magnesium Turate? perhaps? I live in Australia and are having troble finding a store that has this.


What doeses should he be getting of each vitamin? In what quatities and how often? He has mild vocal tics, clearing of his throat and slight head and neck twiching..


I hope theres someone that can guide us


Thank you :wub:

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Hello Sunflower,

Very good that you are trying to find alternatives to help your boyfriend, although its not exactly a one size fits all, so you will have to experiment a little. Is he open to this? If so, I would just read through some threads and find the supplements that many are using, like I would definitely start with some magnesium powder, you could find that in a vitamin/healthfood store. Since he is an adult, just follow directions on the bottles. Also, try some b-complex as that is good for nerve health. Also, try eliminating the obvious things like caffeine and artificial sugars. Keep reading and find ways to balance his overall health, that should be a good thing in the long run.


May I ask if he has ever explored natural treatments before? Did he ever take any meds as a child or teenager? I'd be interested to know the course of his tics, i.e. when it began and if it is milder now that he is older?


Thanks and good luck,


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Hi Faith,


thanks so much for your reply. His touretts only cam out when he turned 14 and they have been present ever since.


He takes meds for his condition but has decided to come of them only a couple of days ago as he said it he was tired of waking up and feeling like a zombi.


his torrets is mild head shaking, clearing his throat some eye twiching.


Yes i have heard about magnesium taurate which is good to calm tics? what things should be avaoided in magnesium or other supplements?




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get magnesium citrate. and have him take Omega-3 supplements as well as a vitamin with added minerals. read labels, get trusted vitamins. nordic naturals is a good brand. go to a health food store and read the labels as there are additives in some vitamins. clean up his diet---try to cook fresh, avoid boxed foods. also, cook with flax seed and sunflower oil. just a few things to try, but of course read all labels and keep a log of what you try and what seems to help your boyfriend.



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