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So worried, daughter has tics

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Thanks Mlee, this situation is pretty new to us so I know we will have ups and downs. 

I am aware that people are very focused on diet and other stuff, we also do, but #1 trigger of tics in our issue is anxiety and how the kid handles positive/negative stress. 

I am now training my self on the black art of carefully selecting words, attitude and behaviour to make sure that anxiety is minimised. It's really not easy as some times a surfaced crying jag is a lot better then hidden worry at the back of her head. 


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Just back from vacation and wanted to share the status. I think we did a nice job of controlling the stress of travelling back to home country (and travelling inside the country) and coming back to Dubai. We did not experience elevation of tics at any point during the last month. Tics are mostly very mild and was not easy to detect for others while I was still able to notice them. 

Most of the body tics seems to be gone and replaced by mild tics around face. (I am suspicious of a new hand tic but don't have enough evidence) 

Vocal tics seems to also have gone but still she makes noises with her tongue inside her mount (like 'chack chack') but I know I used to make it too and have seen other kids doing the same a lot. Not %100 sure if tic or not. 

Since the very first day, her tics had been morphing in to newer once pretty quickly and I think we've gone through most of the possible tics. 

I think spending time with her and helping her build her confidence helped the situation. 

Now, school will be starting and I know it will stress her. Her resistance to stress got a lot better but I know some of her tics can come back. Worse of all I may need to travel more this year... 

I wish the very best for all the worried parents in the forum. 

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Back with more update.

Even on a declining thread, my ds tics kept on morphing , however they got increasingly harder to notice. I think that I still see some tics on her face, I am no longer certain. If I were not well informed on the topic, I'd not notice anything. 

However I got a feeling that school may increase her stress little bit and may trigger old tics. Not sure though. 

This is how it's going on at the moment. 

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It's been a while. But just in case there might be someone interested in the progress, here is an update after more then a year. 

Number of active tics, frequency, intensity everything followed a down trend until previous week to a point where tics were not easy to notice externally. Only visible one was nose twitching (or what ever it's called) , and I've seen exact same mimic on some other kids and it might have been more related to her allergic rhinitis rather then tics. 

However a month ago I started to sense a bit shaking on her arms , tiny, hard to sense unless you are holding her hand. Their frequency and intensity kept rising , interestingly nose twitching also lost it's frequency and intensity in parallel (but her allergy got under control too ) . 2-3 days ago shaking on arms and legs became externally visible to trained eye. 

Quite naturally this started worrying me and wife. We are taking our usual precautions that seems to usually work (or maybe just coincidence) 

1- Decrease negative stress to a minimum. We are already quite careful but not focus a bit more and micromanage... She does not have any anxiety disorder. 

2- Increase positive stress, like competitions , family puzzle solving sessions etc... 

3- Increase family and friend time , increase play time (shift balance from other places like homework unfortunately ... ) 

4- Less TV , less diphone (we are already in great shape so not much of a problem) 

Maybe we restart magnesium tablets , hard to know if they work or not... 

And finally a research paper answered some of my questions. If you've not seen it , please read. 


Don't feel unlucky that tics did not getaway. Looks like they don't getaway very quickly, it always takes sometime. 





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Thanks for the update mert. It is good to be able to follow someone’s Tic journey after some time has passed.

I hope the measures you’ve put in place help with her tics. I can see with my own daughter that her emotions play a role in her tics so I’m trying my best to remain calm when I see a new one surface.


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Here comes an other update. 

I started following tics on an excellent sheet that helps me figure out progress of tics and when they emerge and when they get out of the picture. 

At the very first 2 months after 'new' noticeable tics kicked in we had some ups and downs however they never got very bad or to a point that would effect her social life. At the 8th week a steady decline started and leg/arm jerking slowly decreased in intensity and frequency and now gone. However during the course a few more tics came and go. We had some head nodding that was very infrequent for 5 weeks , we had a jaw opening tics that was also very infrequent for 8 weeks , a hip related tic that was frequent when walking but went away in a few weeks. 

Interestingly some long standing tics are gone now too , like broadening nostrils and nose twitching (not sure this was tics or related to allergic rhinitis) are either gone or very very infrequent that I do not notice. 

On the other hand an abdomen tic (that is pretty easy to mistaken for a breathing tic ) is back. It's not frequent and very hard to recognize externally so that does not worry me as much. 

EMTICS have published several papers , so if you've not read them those can be good resources. 

We are not using any supplements other then the very usual stuff. We are still focused on 'positive stress' , less TV/Phone'Tablet time , more physical activity. I think that being confident really helps her a lot and at her age part of the confidence comes from her physical capabilities, so I feel like gymnastics really help her a lot. 


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