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Help with Feingold diet

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What have other people found? A friend passed me a list of Feingold diet foods to stay away f rom and others to eat. There's a bunch of sweet things. It makes sense to me to stay away from the artificial stuff. We try to do that. But what about all the sugar cookeis, cakes. things like that? Is it oK to eat them if they are on the list? I have one hyper one for sure and diet seems to set him off. I want to have a good year at school (for once!) Thank you! Fran

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Hi Fran -- welcome to the Forum! You are correct in what you saw, that the Feingold approach does not focus on avoiding sweets. Rather, in addition to a number of recommendations of items to stay away from, as you say, they suggest it is important for families to know which treats do not have additives so there are fun options for kids. And, they find that some youngsters can tolerate the sugar content.

When using the term sugar here, it includes not just cane sugar gut corn syrup, honey, maple syrup, etc

That said, there are certainly children who cannot tolerate sugars and should reduce consumption of them. There are different reasons for this, from effects of fluctuating blood sugar levels to "feeding" an overgrowth of candida in the intestinal tract. Many kids with ADHD have a clinical diagnosis of a gut flora imbalance. Some kids even have to limit fruit leathers or fruit juices, for example, even though they usually do not have added sugar.

I hope that helps as you figure out what is best for your son. Sheila



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