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Tics are back....probiotics?

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Hi everyone,

I posted on here back in January when my son (2 years old at the time) first began displaying tics - started with pronounced eye blinking, then shortly after included head tilting and face rubbing.  He experienced the tics in a pronounced way for about a month and a half.  (In that time we had a neurologist referral put in by our pediatrician and only got to see the neurologist last week!)

For a few months my son, who is now 2.5, was tic free.  However, in the last week or so we have noticed the odd tic here and there - the odd blink, a random head tilt but nothing major.  Yesterday was more pronounced and obvious - he was doing pronounced and rapid blinking in succession, a head tilt here and there and some face rubbing (I think).  

I have been doing a lot of reading on leaky gut and diet (mainly for my own health issues) and wonder about my son in this regard - he has had multiple rounds of antibiotics in his short life, is on a puffer regularly, etc.  I would like to get him on probiotics and was wondering if anyone has advice on which strains to ensure are included (and/or to avoid)?  Which ones have worked for you?  I am hoping it will help his overall health and that it will diminish / eliminate the tics. My son is on lactose free milk (which he drinks a lot of) though he is ok with cheese and yogurt.  (I know dairy is bad for a potential leaky gut but that is another issue to tackle for a different day.)  I have been reducing his puffer usage as well - not sure if that is a factor at all (thinking it is more diet related or otherwise instead but you never know).

I also want to introduce omega 3's...any advice on high quality varieties?  I asked the neurologist about giving magnesium and he said there is a risk of my son getting too much so advised against it...same with zinc.  

Cognitively he seems fine otherwise (if I weren't looking at him I wouldn't think anything was amiss) and he is meeting all his milestones, is happy, loving, talkative, connected, etc.

Thanks in advance!

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