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I recently watched a Joe Rogan podcast where Chris Kresser spoke at length about the Paleo diet, and even described an adolescent patient that had what seemed like PANDAS symptoms, and how he was cured by following this diet. I also recently watched a new documentary called “The Magic Pill”, which claims the Ketogenic diet is a cure to many diseases.  

Has anyone tried either or both for their PANDAS/PANS child?  I’m wondering which is most effective, and which is most practical to follow.  My son has an aversion to what he perceives as junk food, so eliminating gluten is not a problem.  He won’t eat pizza, bread, breaded foods, chips, pretzels, etc.  He will eat ice cream and yogurt, so I’d have to find a replacement.  

I know both these diets are a huge commitment, but I am extremely interested.  

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I started eating a paleo diet about five years ago. It is a commitment in that you can't rely on easy, processed foods. Last summer I started eating a ketogenic diet. Both are do-able. The benefit for me is that aches and pains I've had my entire life are gone. The sinus headaches I suffered from almost daily are gone. In other words, the inflammation I experienced for years is gone. I have not tried the diet with my PANDAS child, but because of the way I eat, she eats far more healthfully than most of her peers. Her PANDAS symptoms are currently mild, although I honestly have no idea why.

It's probably easier to try a paleo diet at first, and then if you want you can move to ketogenic.

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I started keto diet about 2 months ago. I have lost 30 lbs. I have stopped taking almost 200 units of insulin every day. My heart and blood pressure numbers have come back into normal ranges. I am no longer afraid that I'm going to drop dead in the next day or two. And I have high hopes of perhaps living for at least another 20 or 30 years. I have not started my pandas child on this diet yet but I am moving her slowly towards that goal.

It has become very obvious to me that so many of the challenges that pandas children have starts in the gut. Even things like inflammation and cancer are strongly connected to sugar and other processed carbohydrates. It seems like an awesome way to live for even a regular person, but someone who is health challenged or immune challenged should absolutely, in my humble opinion, move to the keto diet. It is more likely to remain balanced and reduce inflammation caused by different forms of sugar and carbohydrates. While many humans in America don't seem obviously affected by our new way of eating, many of us are being destroyed by it.

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For myself, I am more excited about keto than the probiotics.

After my heart surgery my sister tried to convert me but I was scared. My doctors were painting a completely different picture.

But my list of aliments got worse and longer. Just remain even close to target goal I was already doing low carb. They gave me the FDA /American food pyramid. I reminded them I was diabetic and so they trimmed the bottom so it looked like a Christmas tree🌲. It still didn't work.

So I finally told my endocrinologist that I was doing keto and she told me that one of her other patients had ended up in the hospital that weekend for low blood pressure.

Keto will drop inflammation fast. If you are on blood pressure meds you must be careful. But it not hurting you, it's helping you. Just a little too much in some cases.

My blood sugar is still a little high, but that is with no insulin. I was really high even with 200 units a day. It's now averages about 140. My heart stats were high even on meds and now they are comfortably normal.

I feel good now and I actually WANT to move and exercise. In the next month in will probably start some regular exercise routines. Some people in my condition have completely come off their meds and live a healthy life. I seriously thought I couldn't do it. But once I found the courage to do keto, I believe.

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