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Hi! I am new to this board and I am really in need of advice. My son has had tics since he was around 2 years old, he's now 8. He always has a vocal tic (throat clear), however, every year around this time he develops an upswing on his tics and development of a motor tic (e.g. shoulder shrug, blink, etc). They are usually never the same every year and USUALLY it goes away in about a month. Well, the tic he has now is a head twitch. I looks painful and I think it' contributing to his migraines. Also it' really difficult to concentrate in school like this. I'm scared it will last...i always am. I' trying to ignore it, but it's hard. I've tried magnesium, but that's not helping. Though, I'm not sure how long it would take to work. I've tried oils such as lavender. We can' go completely dairy free and we've tried to eliminate gluten, dyes, etc as much as possible, but I don' see much of a difference. Anyone experience this with their child? Anyone have any more natural remedies that have helped? We'e done magnesium for about a week. How long does it take to do something? I do not want to medicate. Now I've considered allergies, but his nose hasn't been stuffy yet so I have not started his allergy meds. Any guidance would be appreciated. 

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my son just recently started with tics, the first day of the allergy season.  he suffers greatly with allergies.  we have no history of tics in the family.  could there be a connection?  he started with eye blinking and facial grimacing.  then a week later throat clearing.  after a few weeks the blinking subside. 

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