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Antiviral supps worsening tics OCD and anxiety

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To give little history, I've been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder, which is simply explained as bipolar and schizophrenia together. I've also had tics all my life, mostly blinking, and some OCD.

Whenever I take immune boosting supplements my general feel of psychosis and irritability increases, and so does my tics. Any idea as to why? And I'm open to any recommendations on how fixing it. 

That's it for my question. Below are some indications for those that have the ability to do detective works.

Olive leaf extract: gives me energy and temporarily cures tics. Often cause mania, anxiety, some delusional thoughts and dissociative feelings.

Coconut oil and MCT oil: irritates my throat. If taken too much I get full blown symptoms of flu, even worse. Temporarily boosts energy and cause mania, but also heightens my anxiety. Cured warts on my feet.

Oregano oil: made my tics worse and my head gets locked into thought loops and even with meditation my mind cannot stay clear headed for more than few seconds.

This made me look at salicylate sensitivity as well as oxalates. I got a bottle of No-Nenol on the way so let's see. I have once cut out all high sal foods and cosmetics but it didn't seem to help much. But recently I've been consuming a lot of phenolic supplements and since I've cut them out my thoughts seem bit clearer.


Some general main symptoms include

Constant thought loops that are obsessive and unproductive, even though I frequently meditate (up to two hours daily)

Tics and muscle tightening (semi involuntary)

Brain fog

Delusional feeling and thoughts

Ultra ultra rapid cycling mood. Cocaine high - numb and no pleasure - suicidal depressed (recently okay :) )

Extreme sensitivity to sugar, leading to severe depression and anxiety

Mild OCD



Digestion seems fine since changing my diet. 


Let me know your thoughts on this!

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I am sorry that you haven't had a response.

If the immune boosting supplement really does boost the immune system (that is a hard thing to measure/prove, which is why I say "if"), then it could be that an autoimmunity component of your illness (which I wouldn't be surprised you have) makes you worse.  More immune power, could mean more attack of your own body in various ways/places.

A second possibility is an allergic reaction to one or more of the supplements.

A third possibility is that some of the supplements that may have some anti-bacterial or anti-viral power could give you a herx reaction.  Google that or "herxheimer" for more on that.

There is a big difference between the first two and the 3rd.  The first two are just plain bad, the third has the hope of eventually making you better if you can bear some pain.  It may be difficult to distinguish between the 3, but it can be done a lot of the time.  I used to think that herxes only lasted about a week, but for some lyme and co-infection patients, it seems like it could be much, much longer (if they are in fact herxes).  For some, it's just to hard to bear for several weeks.

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It really sounds like you may have something autoimmune going on. My son tried many immune boosting supplements and nothing helped. His neurological symptoms just kept getting worse after infections and viruses. He even did green smoothies twice a day for several months and saw no benefits. Have you done the Cunningham Panel test?   

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