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Tonight's Chicago Med episode

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My daughter alerted me to this.  I missed the very beginning, but a boy is admitted to the ER with high fever and stomach pains.  Parents say he has PANDAS and is taking antibiotics.  Cut to the doctors speaking between themselves that PANDAS is quackery and not validated and that the antibiotics have brrought boy to the brink of a perforated intestine.  From there it gets worse from the perspective of a PANDAS parent.

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I did miss the beginning.  Relying on my daughter's account and later references it appears that the boy's particular manifestation is a lot of tics.  The parents talk about the PANDAS doctor telling them that they shouldn't take any of the recommended steps to prevent perforation, a life threatening event, and instead should do IVIG.  Very strange to think that even the most committed PANDAS doctor would recommend risking death. 

One of the ER doctors notices the mother fiddling with her hands.  She follows her into the ladies room and catches her over washing her hands.  She confronts her with having OCD.  First she denies--for a second--then admits.  Doctor tells her that OCD is genetic and her son has inherited it.  Never mind that the son's problems seem to be tics.  Mother then breaks down and says she'll agree to the procedure for the presumed perforation. 

They go out and talk to the father.  Mother says she'll go with the procedure, and father protests how badly tics have ruined their son's life and they need to back to the PANDAS doctor for IVIG.  Mother then confesses she has OCD and son's problem is inherited and not PANDAS.  Husband is shocked; why didn't you tell me you had OCD?  (He never suspected in ten plus years of living with her?) Because, she says, I didn't think you'd love me if you knew.  Husband barks out to doctors to do the procedure and storms off in disgust at his  wife.

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I contacted PANDAS Network right after the episode.  This morning I received this response from Diana Pohlman:

"We heard from lots of parents and 600 innundated the producers email.  We are following up with an email to the producers as well.  Happily 20-20 is doing a great story on REAL TREATMENT mid May and that will be on ABC."

NBC is the producer for Chicago Med.


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