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Does anybody have any experience with delusional thinking?  Possible lyme.  DS is swearing to me that certain things he is saying is absolutely true, when I know it possibly cannot be.  Like even some experiences concerning me.....   Any suggestions for treatment naturally etc (on Zyprexa now, and very unhappy with the side effects....)


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As I understand it, PANS is not typically delusional (unlike many psychotic illnesses, where the patient is often not well-grounded in reality).  I recall hearing this in a video clip of Dr. Latimer, where she was emphasizing that those with OCD are well aware that their obsessiveness is not normal or reasonable - but they still can't stop.

But despite that, when our son was a his worst, we did have some minor incidences of things that he said that did not wash with our understanding of reality.  Others have reported auditory hallucinations as well, but I believe this to be relatively rare.

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When my 17yo ds is in a flare, his predominant symptom is psychosis. He will have minor auditory hallucinations as well which seem more sensory related. He will become paranoid and fear that someone is going to break into the home and kill him....whether that be the government, someone he knows or even my husband. He'll also think the killer is sending secret messages to him through media online or see certain symbols. I'll spend nights with him calming him down. It's a nightmare to say the least. I'd take the tics and OCD again like in the past over this. He also has Lyme so it's ard to tell if it's coming from the PANS or the Lyme. 

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