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Has anyone tried using homeopathic detox remedies for their child?  If so has it worked?  Our naturopath wants us to give my son three different homeopathic remedies to detox his system.  They are UNDA 243, UNDA 20 and UNDA 2.  He is only 6 years old and I'm concerned about giving him something that will affect his liver.  Has detoxing helped anyone's child with stopping tics?


Thank you.

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Hi tropea22,  Detox as a treatment has been helpful for tics, but typically when there is evidence of some type of toxic overload.

As one example, it was learned by parents that their young boy with severe tics had been exposed to arsenic. After that was discovered through lab testing, his tics were successfully treated with detoxification efforts. Others have been tested and found to have high levels of different toxins.  The concept that toxins can affect the nervous system is grounded in common sense. The methods used to "detoxify" should be determined by an expert and any treatment carefully overseen.

That said, the term detox is used quite broadly these days, especially given the fact that in the West, most of us have been exposed to toxic chemicals and have assimilated them to varying degrees. Certain foods and nutrients are often touted to detoxify the liver and the body.

In your case, did the naturopath have specific reasons to recommend these remedies or do you think it is more of a general cleansing approach?  You might want to be sure that the naturopath is well trained in homeopathy for children. (This is just a general statement, I have no idea who you are seeing and what your specific situation is.)

I hope this is some help.

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