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Trileptal & Lamictal for Lyme

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our DD has been prescribed as part of her protocol either Trileptal or Lamictal - does anyone have experience good or bad?

she has been diagnosed with Lyme .  Our concerns are the side effects of those two.  They are supposed to help with her nuero-irratabliity, nerve pain and extreme sound sensitivity because of the infection.

We are considering using something like Lyrica - appreciate any feedback

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My DS took Lamictal and starting that quite literally kicked his healing and return to the world into high gear; we would give it two thumbs up.

Lamictal is supposed to be a glutamate modulator, so when it comes to all the extra "noise" in the brain -- irritability, extra-sensitivity, meltdowns, over-reactions -- it did a wonderful job of giving our DS back his reasoning power.  Instead of becoming emotionally overwhelmed in those moments, he was able to be more objective and apply some reasoning to the situation, instead of losing it.  And it didn't change his personality; it actually helped him to allow his wit and humor to shine through again.

We did not experience any side effects, though I know you have to be careful with the dosing and make sure there's no bad reaction, especially when first administering it.

Our two cents!  Good luck!

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really good to hear  it worked for you gus- we where concerned about some of the side effects since its also used to treat bi-polar and seizures.  In my dd case its the inflammation causing the neuro symptoms and the hearing sensitivity, and joint pain in hands.  we hope is does clam that down for her also.

we are working with the Jemsek clinic in DC and this is 1st phase of there process ( better her system solid with vits, & calm the nuero-irratablity) before the next phase aggressively attacking the lyme & co-infections w/abx.

We are keeping our fingers crossed

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I think Trileptal is an anti-seizure med, also.  If you want to hear more experiences with Lamictal, you might use it as a search term on the forum.  There were several families, including ours, that used it for a period with success back "in the old days."  I'm thinking of Nicklemama and RNMom, for a couple, though I don't think they're active here any longer.  Hang in there!

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