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Refusing to bathe, ideas?

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My 7.5 year old who was diagnosed 2 months ago is refusing to bathe as he thinks soap feels sticky. We have tried multiple types and can get him to bathe maybe once a week. It’s driving my husband nuts. Anyone else kiddo with pandas/pans have this and have ideas to get thru it and bathe more often and more easily?

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I have used this little trick successfully a few times. Fill tub with warm water and bubbles. Take kid into bathroom while talking about something else. Keep talking to him while taking off clothes with no reference to bathing and then put him in...so basically no discussion about it just do it...another twist...when kid said didn’t want to then I said okay you just have to stay in bathroom for five minutes. You don’t have to get a bath (with warm bubbly tube already filled) and I set a timer, walked away and closed the bathroom door. Kid put himself in tub before timer went off—lol. We have to get creative! Another comment that worked for gaming kid was to say “oh no— your at low hygiene! Better get a bath quick! 

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