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Pyschiatrist Who Use Ceftriaxone For OCD

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Hello all. My daughter is 17 and has been on every pysch med imaginable, CBT/ERP, you name it...I've discovered over the past few years her OCD is caused from infection in her brain and right now I am searching for a pyschiatrists or MD.. any DR really, who will be willing to consider using ceftriaxone to help treat her. She is miserable right now and OCD is preventing her from getting her physical conditions treated properly. Studies on OCD and ceftriaxone are remarkable and every time she has had some she has had significant symptom relief, only issue is finding a doctor who will listen. Any response appreciated. You can personal message me on here or email as I've heard you can't post names of doctors in forums. 

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I have a couple of suggestions for you.  First, the PANDAS/PANS forum here is much more active than the OCD forum, so posting questions and concerns there might yield you more input.  Also, via the Pinned Threads at the top of the PANDAS/PANS forum, there is a topic there called "Doctors who've helped us," with lists and posts from folks all over the country (and beyond); you may find a doctor in your area there who has the necessary expertise and will help with antibiotics and/or other medical interventions for the infection and auto-immune condition that's generally part of the PANDAS/PANs disorder.

In our experience, while you may be able to find a psychiatrist who is PANDAS/PANs-savvy to some extent, they tend to see this disorder as a medical one which should be treated by a medical doctor (immunologist, infectious disease, neurologist or even internist); they are not typically predisposed to issuing antibiotic prescriptions.  For a PANDAS/PANs-savvy psych, you might try the "Find Help" page on the International Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Foundation web site; once you have a short list of geographically-desirable individuals, I would just start calling and interviewing them to see how knowledgeable (and accepting) they are.  We found our last psych via this methodology, whom we used in conjunction with our pediatrician, for treating our DS.

In the end -- again, I can only offer our experience and what I've learned via this forum over the years -- you're likely to need to bifurcate and coordinate your DD's care via more than one practitioner.  But getting a PANDAS/PANs expert in the mix, sooner rather than later, will likely jumpstart your progress.  Good luck!

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