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Missed dose causing tics to resurface

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Our ds was stable and then one day we missed giving him his antibiotics the entire day and only got to it around 8 that evening - with just the missed morning and afternoon dose, we saw some tics resurface.


why do just two missed doses make the tics come back - given that he has been on antibiotics for a while,I would think it would take a couple of missed days for the symptoms to resurface. It’s very disheartening - seems they are always right beneath the surface.


what has been your experience?


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We haven't had that experience - our gains with have been much more gradual.  But each child is different, and I am not at all surprised at your different experience.

One explanation might be the immune-modulatory properties of some abx.  In other words, in addition to fighting infection, some abx might be anti-inflammatory (or do other stuff), and it might be those other properties that are keeping a flare at bay.

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