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Hello - have you all heard of and considered Low Dose Immunotherapy (LDI) for your children. There is a very nice YouTube video of Dr Ty explaining the use of LDI for lyme/pandas.  He is a very convincing speaker and we are going to talk to him. Wanted to know if you have any feedback for us.

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Once you are in this group, type "low dose immunotherapy" in the search bar (at top right), and you will see 26 other posts on it.

I haven't read those 26, or tried LDI, but I have elsewhere read some reports of others trying it.  It doesn't seem to have been a clear cure-all, but it might help some.  Advocates may over state benefits of a product, very especially if they have any financial incentive.  The only thing that matters is how your child does on it - give it a shot and let us know!

The best is to have some objective measurement, to reduce the risk of fooling ourselves into believing something we want to believe.  Myself, I measure my kid's daily use of a liquid soap - it seems to be well correlated to his OCD because he does a lot of hand washing.  That gives me a hard number, and if it (statistically) goes down when he goes on something, and up when he goes off it (I trial him on and off several times over a period of time), then I very confident that product helps him, and also works on a short time frame.  There are other things that could be counted or measured (such as how long it takes my kid to settle into bed, with his OCD) and tracked over time.

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