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Son always sad


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My son who started a head jerk this past month has been very emotional and having random emotional and anger outbursts, he has cried more this past month more than he’s done In years. 

Today I have him a journal to write about himself and he wrote sad, numb and tired.  And he drew a sad monster who he says is the devil and he drew himself with 4 eyes and tears. He is 7

He also says he’s always sad at school and when I asked him why there doesn’t seem to be any real issues with bullying but seems like he’s not copying with life in general

I’m so distraught as I don’t know what to do anymore, my family thinks I’m overreacting. I have booked an appointment with the headteacher to see if he can get counselling and I’m also taking him for a spine exam at the chiropractor Just in case he is in pain from the neck jerking . 

He is also very negative , always talking about death, someone getting injured and he says stuff like everything fun can be dangerous .

his behaviour is also now bad he doesn’t seem to listen when told to do something or to stop doing certain bad behaviours. 

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Hi gaga -- so sorry to read of all these difficulties with your son.

Hopefully he will get counseling to rule out any serious issue having occurred. A spine exam is a good idea. When there, find out if that person is familiar with nutritional supplements and testing for food allergy; some chiropractors are, some are not.

Where do you live?  A doctor who specializes in nutritional imbalances might be able to help.

Also, if this came on on suddenly, do you think there is a chance he has an infection of some kind?

Diet can make a big difference to help support the emotions.  Are you able to make sure he gets wholesome food  (skip the junk food!)?

I know it can be so concerning to see your child go through this. He needs help and I hope the headteacher can point you in the right direction.

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