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EMF Sensitivity

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My DD is a pretty OK place now, but this is a new one.  She is complaining about ElectroMagnetic Sensitivity.  She claims to have a problem using her cell phone, or computers.  Even Fax machines.

We showed her Wikipedia on this that this an imaginary ailment.  Meanwhile she is making a big deal and refusing to have anything to do with computers or cell phones.  This is really affecting her life.

Does her complaint have any merit?  (We are choosing to ignore this saying we have no idea what this is all about)

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Yes, her complaint does have merit, in my opinion.  Wikipedia is not very trustworthy for things that are controversial, because the answer it gives is just whatever side of the debate happens to control the page edit at that point in time.

Here is a story/podcast on this issue:
It is even couched with some doubt by the interviewer, but according to the interviewee, there are plenty of folks that are super-sensitive like him.  I came to believe him after hearing the podcast - he is an articulate professor.

There are lots of things that are like this:  10% of the population get sea-sick on a boat - that seems to be enough to say that it is not just in their heads.  A similar percentage may be affected significantly by the vibrations of large wind turbines if they are nearby, but we don't generally seem to be believing them, yet.  What if the percentage for some things (like this) is lower still?  To me, the human body is so complex and diverse, these kinds of rare reactions by some would (to me) seem possible.

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