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Any PANDAS kids have no remorse?

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We are trying to get treatment for our DD, age 12.  We have had a cunningham panel, which shows two elevated results.  Tests for strip titers are inconclusive.

Two of our daughter's main characteristics are rages, ODD-like behavior and sleep dysregulation, although she has most of the core symptoms.  We are still at the stage of getting antibiotics for her, a step that is complicated by non-compliance.

We have seen Dr. K in Chicago and Dr. D in Oklahoma City.  One of Dr. D's comments made me realize our DD has never shown remorse, only desire we don't discuss past behavior.

Does anyone else have a child with this problem?  

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According to Dr. L, many times kids can't evening really remember the details of the rages. Please remember that it is their "brain on fire" and at some level it is beyond their ability to control it. Thus, looking for remorse is misplaced because it presumes that they made a choice. Kiddos often don't want to talk about it because it is scary and upsetting.

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