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Does your PANS/PANDAS kid get the flu shot?


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I didn’t get my 4yo DD the flu shot this year due to her PANDAS that we’re still in the process of figuring out. Her regular ped told us to hold off until we get more info. A neuro we saw said it would be ok to give her one, and our first appt with Dr. L is next week, so I don’t have her advice yet. With all of the scary news this week on flu-related deaths, I really want to get her the shot, but I’m scared that’s the wrong thing to do. She also has asthma and I know that asthmatic children an be high risk flu patients. 

What are you all hearing from your PANDAS docs on this subject? Thank you for sharing as I make my decision. 

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2 hours ago, jsl25 said:

Thanks for your reply. According to the CDC, it’s 30% effective. And even if you do get the flu, if you’ve had the shot, your symptoms and length of illness are less severe. 

OK, 70% ineffective.......:)

Mega doses of Vitamin D really works against flu, for protection and severity.

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I don't believe the CDC's numbers on effectiveness.  According to the esteemed Cochrane reports (Cochrane creates great big meta-analyses of all the studies available on a subject, and creates one honking strong conclusion out of them), you need to vaccinate about 71 people to prevent one flu.  That is a really weak result, not economically worth it say some people.

Here is the main Cochrane on flu shots: http://www.cochrane.org/.../ARI_vaccines-to-prevent...
With all studies, this included about 10 MILLION people.  There are some (quite legitimate) studies that showed adverse effects in particular years or places, that is partly what made the overall conclusion so weak. It really doesn't make sense (to me) for anyone even remotely suspected to be immuno-compromised to get flu shots.

The point about the shot making the flu not as bad is not part of the "vaccinate 71 to prevent 1" conclusion.  I suspect that argument (about flu being less severe with the shot) may not apply as much to those with rogue immune systems that are not doing what they are supposed to be doing.

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Short answer is No. PANDAS/PANS is an Autoimmune disorder that triggers inflammation in the neurological system of the brain and everything else were are discovering. With the Cunningham panel telling us that it's an result of an overabundance of buildup from the Autoimmune triggers (IMHO) I think its counter intuitive to trick the immunize system with half viruses triggering the immune system to respond with antibodies and possibly wreak even more havoc than what is already going on. I think our goals is to quiet down the Autoimmune system and not excite it. Now I'm not a doctor, and couldn't tell you if I'm actually right with this paranoia thought because it could be that the antibodies being triggered won't affect the neurological system of the brain that are kids are reacting to, I'm just saying, I'm too paranoid to let my kid'o get a flu shot.

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