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Has anyone with multiple kids seen behaviors that went away?

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Has anyone ever seen a sibling of their PANDAS/PANS child seem like they were starting to exhibit symptoms and then they resolved themselves? My daughter every now and then I swear I see something, and then a few days it's gone. I mean it disappears without any intervention. Her clothes will bother her (slight sensory issues since birth) or she will just sort of be off. Like she's npt 100% there and then a couple days later she's just back to her normal self.

We are day 10 of chicken pox and she is off (as I have posted elsewhere). We took her for a strep test. Negative. My pediatrician who has always been great with my PANDAS son likened it to possible kickback of the virus. His analogy was it was like she's been underwater and her body has to catch its breath. Or like damage is being repaired and to try and see if it resolves itself. She is annoyed that her bed isn't made correctly, but that's something that isn't new to us. She has always liked a neat bed (as I remake mine every night because I also have a thing about sheets). But she's not angry it's not made yet. I told her I would help her when I was done doing a few things and she said ok.

In your opinion could this be some quirk of hers that could be just a little exacerbated due to inflammation? I told my husband that if I see it not going away or increasing that I will call and get abx. I mean I know my kid best, but I also really love and trust my pediatrician. He has been great with my 9 year old who exhibited overnight TICS, anxiety, and OCD in 2008. He is doing great. Only has a mild tic from time to time.

Thanks for your time.




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We have a PANS son, and had previously noticed some sensory issues in her older sister when she was young (she is now in her 20's).  Those particular issues did not last long, but she now struggles with anxiety from time to time (which didn't seem to be noticeable when she was young).  We didn't treat her with abx (had no idea of PANDAS/PANS back then).

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Following....I feel like we are goimg through something similar, though haven't received a PANDAs diagnosis to this point.  I am encouraged to hear that your daughter's symptoms resolve on their own and within a few days (though I imagine this is stressful and concerning all the same).

Any new updates?  I'm glad you have a supportive doctor!  With your son, did antibiotics alone solve his symptoms?

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