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What is the likelihood of a childhood trauma creating Pandas like behaviour?

Thinking back to the timeline of our onset, I recently had an epiphany, that I watched the Twin Towers burning and falling, with DD in my arms.  She was 2.3 yrs old at the time, but I also remember seeing our pediatrician and complaining that this child really changed.  Although our PANS  diagnosis came much later, I am sure that this is linked.  Input??

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I don't know the true answer to your question, but I tend to argue against it, because I feel that it is an argument that is over-extended by health-care practitioners in cases where there is a biological cause.

So, let me turn the tables on the PANDAS naysayers' argument (when they dismiss the link between strep and PANDAS symptoms):  There is always trauma around in one form or another, so when a condition rears its ugly head, there can always be a nearby trauma to blame it on.  Case in point:  Early on, Saving Sammy's mom worried that it was her move to a new house, or a divorce, that caused Sammy's condition ... but it wasn't.

I would think that trauma for 2.3 year-old would be more focused on her relationship with Mom, than external news stories that she won't really understand.  In other words, any trauma that she has from that event would be all about how you reacted to the event - if you were terrified, then she will be too.  If she saw you get over it quickly and return to the loving mom she always knew, impact would be less.  If you were a wreck at the time, impact would be more.

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