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Rant: Why are many treatments like behavioural therapy, etc only offered for children and adolescents?

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I live in a pretty big city in Canada, and my psychiatrist was not able to find me a tic resistance therapy like Habit Reversal Therapy. So there is a place called Tourettes Syndrom Service here and I called them and asked if they offered it, and they said I can't join because I'm an adult (25 year old). I am very mad about how all these services are geared toward children and adolescents. There are some people like myself who continue to have Tourettes as an adult, which really sucks. I feel like I'm left out that the associations don't care for those small percentage of people who continue to carry Tourettes.

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I understand your frustration... My son has severe autism, no speech, very little understanding of speech since age 18 months...thanks to vaccines... He began having very severe, alarming tics in his teens. I had no clue what was going on and he couldn't tell me. Now he is 26 and many therapies, treatments, etc. are not available to him since he is an 'adult'... Completely unfair... I have recently  Joined fb group Natural care for tics and Tourette's ... Recommended! Trust me, you will learn more from others via these fb groups than from some of the so-called experts. I have learned this through the last 26 years searching for ways to get my son his 'life' back. Good luck in your journey.... I know these tics and OCD can be completely life controlling...  :-(.    Hope to see you in the fb group!

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Hi --You are right that services seem to be geared toward kids. Since you are in Canada and can't find local resources in order to try a behavioral approach, you might want to try an online program (which I do not have feedback on from users).

It ALSO seems designed for kids but it would seem that adults could use the techniques. That is just an assumption on my part.  There is a fee for the program.  https://www.tichelper.com/

Neither myself nor latitudes.org are associated with this, I am just passing it on in case it might be of use. It is totally online, as I understand it.  

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