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****UPDATE**** ****HELP****Anyone have onset from Chicken Pox Illness?

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Hi there, 

I have been here before with my 9 year old son who is PANS and doing tremendously. I am back to discuss my 5.5 year old daughter who is currently on day 5 of the chicken pox. She has had no Varicella booster. As my son did not either. My son came down with it and had a very mild case. Two weeks later my daughter broke out in the rash but hers was more severe. A little background to her...strong willed, tantrums, some sensory processing but nothing that we’ve had to seek treatment for. Obviously my fear is that this Illness is going to be the trigger for her onset and we are going to go down this path once again. Did anyone’s kids have the chicken pox and have that be their initial trigger? If so when did you start seeing behavior. I know with this condition you tend to be hyper aware of everything your child does. I just feel like I am seeing a difference in her. Just little things. Baby talk. Very animated conversations where we’re not really talking about anything. Just seems like someone else is driving. I can feel it. Any input would be greatly appreciated.  


UPDATE: well we are on day 9 of the CP (she is healing very well) and today we made “the call” to the pediatrician. My daughter has always had some sensory issues and quirks about her blankets being straight....minor things. And to be honest I have seen some of PANDAS like behavior in the past. Her talking in a different voice. Conversations where I can’t connect.  Those would wax and wane but never for more than a day or two. The last few days were seeing an increase in these and other odd behaviors. So I am bracing myself to go down this road again. Part of me feels like maybe she’s always had this and now it’s just flaring and it will calm down...or we’re at the beginning of what will be a whole other ride. I don’t really know what I’m asking...I just know that I’m terrified and any input from anyone would be helpful. I hate this disease. I hate that my kids have to struggle through this. I hate not being able to look at my child and question every head turn or blink or behavior. So yeah. Im spinning. 

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Thank you so so much for your reply. I’m basically just sitting here waiting for the other shoe to drop. I’ve read so much about vaccine injury from the Varicella that I declined it hoping my kids would get it naturally. We decided if they didn’t have it by 10 we would vaccinate. We did get it naturally. My kids were exposed and my PANS floated through it. But then again he had a mild mild case (75 pox). She has probably 400-500. I don’t even know if severity would play into it. I do however appreciate you reminding me that it is a mild illness. Her sensory issues have kicked up a notch and she seems a little off but nothing we haven’t seen before. I’ll keep crossing my fingers. Thanks again. 

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