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Doxy, Lyme, Babesia, Bartonella

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Please help. I have no idea what to do...Hopefully some of you can shed light on this for me.  My 9 year old is dealing with Lyme, Babesia, Bartonella.  

He is currently on herbal supplements and his LLMD/integrative medicine specialist wants to add 30 days of Doxy and retest in a month to see if he needs further treatment.  

I have read that sometimes Doxy can be ototoxic to the ears and because I have had awful tinnitus and ear issues I am afraid that taking Doxy for my 9 year might end up causing a similar problem for him.  

I have also heard hat the other choice instead of the Doxy is Amoxicillin.  Is this true?  Should I ask the doctor to reconsider and give him  Amoxicillin instead?  

Also, my little guy has no symptoms whatsoever.  At this point we’re treating based on the positive test result and not symptoms.  

He is currently on an herbal tincture addressing Lyme, Babesia and Bartonella that was given to him by his naturopath.  We notice that when we up the dose, that he does experience some herxing but that is the extent of his symptoms.  

I should also mention that we have been treating Lyme since he was 6 and that he cleared it the first time only using herbals.  We are treating again because of a bite he got in late August.  He has been on herbals since then.  

His naturopath feels that because he has no symptoms that starting the antibiotic treatment could make things worse especially since he says Doxy is great at killing the spirochete but creates more cyst and biofilm forms.  

Sorry, if this sounds confusing, I’m just feeling nervous and not sure what to do.  

Thanks for all the help!



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Doxycycline should not be given to a child whose permanent teeth are not all in (it adversely affects teeth development).  If I am not mistaken 9 is the earliest it could be given.

For Lyme, amoxicillin is the next best choice; and for young children it is the first choice.

Grapefruit seed extract given together with antibiotics would keep the biofilm from forming.


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