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Is it a good idea to start large-scale mould removals before any treatment?

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Hello everyone,
Wondering if you can help me on a question, please. I have PANS-type issues which are curently being treated as Lyme disease. There's a fair bit of mould down the back of a very large bookcase in my bedroom and my dad is keen to gget the bookcase out and clean it all out just in case. Now, I'm doubtful about this plan because I'm convinced I've seen somewhere that embarking on large-scale mould removals, thuis presumably kicking up a lot of spores etc., BEFORE any other kind of treatment has been done, is a bad idea. I have NOT had any treatment for mould issues, or indeed any tests; Dad just thinks it would be a good idea to do the cleaning first and see if irt helps. I can't find where I found that though; I've got thtr book "Surviving Mold" [sic] but Ritchie Shoemaker but if it's in there I can't find it. Any opinions?

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I don't have experience with your question, but can imagine an argument for the opposite, namely, get rid of such triggers that are easy to get rid of before trying expensive or invasive treatment, lest the latter not work.

If you are or suspect to be sensitive to mould, best to be out of the house when the cleaning is done, and have the room well-aired out (with doors to the rest of the house closed during removal and airing out) before you return.  Winter may not the best time for such a thing, but the downside is just a little extra heating to get the house back up to temperature.

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OK, thanks for the ideas Bobh.

Well, you say it's a good idea to do the "easy" thing first but, conversely, I was secretly desperately hoping that this is NOT a good idea, because of PANS issues. Getting this bookcase out will involve most of my most precious posessions being moved (it's floor to ceiling, filled to the gunwales, and things are stored in the gap between it and the end of my bed), and I have serious OCD issues about getting things out, putting things away, and anyone else moving anything of mine, so thithis is going to push me to the absolute limit. (And, consequently, everyone else in the house too - you probably know what it's like when a PANDA is under strain).

Is there anyone here who knows about mould?

How long is long enough for things to disperse? An afternoon, two days, more?

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