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Good afternoon,

I have been working on writing up our PANS story, and I realized that the only thing that ever helped us with my DS's panick attacks was this CBT audio program for anxiety called the Turnaround Program. It was the best $200 I ever spent. My son still asks for it when he's flaring/feeling anxious. It was much more helpful than any of the therapists we've seen. I think he really liked it because he could do it when he wanted and he didn't have to share his own thoughts and feelings, but could take what was helpful from the program. I just wanted to share in the hope that it might be helpful to someone else. 

I'd be really interested if other people had tools for managing PANS anxiety/panic attacks that aren't listed elswhere on this site. I have read all the past threads I could. This has been our most difficult symptom.

Happy holidays!

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Hi patty. We did and do find it helpful. It definitely doesn’t take away full flare anxiety but works like psychotherapy/CBT. It has definitely been helpful giving us language and supporting my son between flares. How old is your daughter? What else have you tried?

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My DD vomited 3 weeks ago, and she has severe anxiety about eating for fear of vomiting and after eating, she has debilitating chest pain that makes it hard to breath and stomach pain. When standing up, all pain symptoms worse. We are seeing a therapist who uses EMDR. Have you heard of such anxiety that causes overwhelming pain? 


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