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Doxycycline For 9 Year Old?

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Hi All, 

Feeling a little nervous. 

My 9 year old got his test results back from DNX Connexions and needless to say he's come back with several positives (Bartonelle, Babesia and Lyme.)

Our LLMD wants to put him on Doxycycline.

Has anyone used Doxy with their younger kids?  

Did they have major side effects?  Herx?

Would just like to hear people's experiences as I find myself a mess about it.

We've been dealing with PANS and LYME since he was 4 and we've done so well but a bite and EM rash at the end of the summer has put us right back here again...

Thank you in advance.

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Our child has been on doxy for ehrlichiosis, and he seemed to be ok on it.  Of course, every child is different. You could try typing doxy or doxycycline in the search box at the top right (once you are in this group), and you should get a lot of past experience about it.

I am curious, was this your first lyme test, or a repeat?  Your LLMD should know that for a long-term case as you describe (5 years with lyme?) doxy alone may not be enough to eradicate, because of the cyst (and another) form that lyme can hide from abx.  I presume he has some other things in the mix as well?

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