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tonsillecomy - oxy or tylenol

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Hello Old Friends!  DS 13 (time flies - I joined this forum when he was 4.5)  just had tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy on Monday.  He is doing well.  YAY!  He was/is not symptomatic for PANDAS but tonsils were huge and he has had some illnesses and sinus infections in past year and they remain almost touching.  Doc said "plus 4" on scale of 0-4.  Doc was very surprised he doesn't have breathing/sleeping trouble when he saw adenoids and these big tonsils.

He is doing well with pain and I don't' want to give him more than I should but I don't want to give too little.  He has oxycodone without Tylenol.  I want to switch him to Tylenol but am stuck with which is the lesser of two evils.  He does not have any MTHFR mutation.

Any opinions?  Thanks!!

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I am always afraid to jinx myself - so I'll just say he is doing very well since the surgery.  He is on a steroid though - doc has worked with many PANDAS patients and does 3 days to curb inflammation - in surgical area, but anywhere else also.  Today is last day of steroid.  He was not on abx pre -- started after surgery.  Tonsils are being cultured, so we will see if that turns up anything.

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