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Cambs Referral from hospital

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We went to the hospital today re my boys tics the appointment came through after 5 weeks request from doctor. 

We had our first appointment in 2016 at the time my son was only grunting and sniffing although I was so upset for him as it was annoying everyone him being in close proximity.

1 year later and the tics have progressed to lots of neck shoulder and leg lifting whilst seated . I've got to say some days horrific where I could sob watching his little body throwing itself about.

The consultant was very patient at Samuel Johnstone and I felt we were very important not just rushed in and out. He clicked with Lou and I was so relieved he was careful he didn't terrify him with diagnosis .

My heart broke when Lou asked him to fix him and his face was devastated when he saiD it wasn't quite so simple to do that.

The neurologist was anti medication and felt it wasn't the way for such a small child to go , he suggested pain relief as and when to help with the neck pain especaillly in the evening and always after food. I usually grade the pain with my 9 year old and ask him if he needs it on bad days.

However we have been referred to CAMBS and I've looked at web site and can't see how this links into Tics or Tourette's as he called it.

Has anyone been referred and what are the benefits .?

Thank you for reading my post and I hope anyone else there with a child like mine is also holding it together .xx

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