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Can someone help interpret these results please?

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Just got my sons blood work results that Dr T ordered.   These were the results that were abnormal but I don't know what it means.

Vitamin B 12 - 1370

IGG Subclass 2 - 407

IGG Subclass 3 - 106

Anti Streptolysin  - 273

Absolute CD3 Cell - 2665

%CD 4 - 26 (low)

Absolute CD 8 Cells - 1175

% CD 16 +CD 56 - 26

Absolute CD 16 +CD 56 1147



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I am only familiar with the Anti Strepptolysin number (sometimes called ASO).  It is not sky high, only a little high - indicating recent strep infection.  You won't know whether the infection is ramping up, or cooling down unless you do another test (not too far apart from this one).

Dr. T. will certainly know what to do (if anything) about the others.

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