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Is this PANDAS??

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My son (16) has been having episodes of vomiting since he was 10. The episode last usually 3-4 days , he won't be able to have any food stay down and thrown it's like a switch.... it stops and he could eat whatever he wants. He tested positive for gluten allergy at 10 yr.  He has had strep multiple times as a child and numerous ear infections. The reason I suspect PANDAS is that there seems to be a pattern of when the vomiting starts it is right after he complains of sore throats and achiness. His strep titer is elevated . I just had him at his doctor  on Monday , she ran an overnight strep , so far it's negative . If anyone has been through something similar or has any information please let me know.

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What you described sounds like Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome. If your son doesn't have symptoms of PANDAS (aside from the vomiting), in my opinion he probably doesn't have it. I would definitely consider PANDAS, though, if he meets the diagnosis criteria in other areas. I am also aware of a child with both PANDAS and CVS. 

I have also heard of vomiting being a tic. I would not suspect PANDAS if he doesn't fit the other symptoms. Hope this helps. 

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