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PANDAS - Hearing Sensitivity Treatments

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dd - officially diagnosed with PANS ( combo of lyme exposure, & strep)

current daily regime - zithrox 250mg, minocyline 100mg, 1000mg D3,  magnesium , NAC (1200mg) , probiotic, herbals -

she has extreme sound sensitivity - looking for some good treatments (homeopathic  & others) to give her some relief, any suggestions??


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zithro and mino are helping with the other PANS symptoms so not sure if we want to stop yet - we are trying the stoping vit d for a few days and see what happens, we'll also then play with the NAC.  We've been told that her hearing sensitivy is related to inflamation still in her system, its been two months & we know recovery will take some time just looking for ways to give her some quicker relief

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