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what is next best anti-inflammatory?

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Son is functioning with lyme/bart and is currently in freshman year college! I know he still has mast cell inflammation from this disease. He couldn't tolerate the japanese knotweed, even at low dose. What would be the next best thing to take. I just started dao histamine blocker, but was wondering whether quercetin is better. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.


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We never tried dao histamine blocker, but I can speak in the affirmative with regard to quercitin; really seems to help with really no side effects at all.  In fact, DS and I both had been taking it for years (DS is a junior in college now), and when I ran out a few months ago and DS was away at school, I decided to just let it go and stop taking it.  After my mold allergy started ramping up, however, and I couldn't get relief from Zyrtec or any other typical OTC measure, I went back to taking quercitin, and within about a week, I had significant relief.  Great stuff!  We like the "QBC Complex" from SolaRay as it also has Vitamin C and bromelaine, along with the quercitin.

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