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I'm a newbie with a boy with TICS and Tremors

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  1. I'm a newbie !

    Ive just purchased Natural Treatments for Tics and Tourette's as my 9 year old boy has got horrendous tics again .

    We are off to see neurologist next month and I'm hoping he will do some allergy or blood tests on my son.

    can anyone tell me if they will refuse as the last time I saw him he wanted to offer my son drugs . I refused .

    This time the tics are 10 times worse and I'm guessing that will be his suggestion drugs. 

    To,give background on my boy

    born prem 1 pound in weight so very fortunate to be blessed that I still have him.

    neck tics

    mouth grimacing 

    head rolling

    sudden standing up,sitting down

    emotional at moment


    some grunting but more like throats clearing .

    I have him on a 10ml of magnesium liquid form supplement at present and I'm not sure if it's making any difference yet.

    I bought magnesium oil to in spray form but he hates it and I think it's too stressful for him to insist he has it.

    Id welcome any help or ideas you may have as to,be honest I'm desperate to get my little boy back .

    thank you 

    Suzanne xxxxx

    1. Chemar


      Hi and welcome.

      You may want to copy your post from your profile page to the TS/Tics forum as others are more likely to see it there. https://latitudes.org/forums/forum/1-tourette-syndrome-and-tics/

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Hi Suzanne, I know I replied this morning to the Shake 'n Vac post.   You mention that your boy has horrendous tics "again" --he is now 9, When did they start and what happened?

What is the date of the neurologist appointment? Is it coming up soon in December? Hopefully the doctor will do some blood tests and you could get a referral to an allergist or however things work there to obtain allergy testing. Also request if you he could be tested for a bacterial or vital infection.  Generally neurologists do not look at immune issues but because of the PANDAS/PANS connection to tics, they are now more open to it. Find out he or she is familiar with PANDAS and could test for it.

I would consider seeking out the help of a nutritionist. Magnesium can be good but it alone is not a miracle mineral for everyone with tics.  Since he was born so prematurely your boy may have a number of issues that need to be addressed.

It is great that you are on top of things while you seek to find answers.  Please give your young son only healthy food with no artificial additives like flavors, colors and preservatives, and have a "green" home with no standard chemical cleaners and no scented products. Meanwhile aim to get some professional help in assessing his nutritional status and potential allergies, as you are doing. We hope the neurologist also has some helpful advice for you.  Please keep us posted! Sheila

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